WEAKLESS Release Date Reveal Trailer

The fairy tale we are about to tell You is strange… as one of the heroes is… blind. And the other one is Deaf. But both of them are truly gifted. Inspired by fantasy movie and animation classics we present our new #mystical #radikal #trailerware
Check it here:
WEAKLESS Release Date Reveal Trailer

Developer: Punk Notion
Trailer: Radikal Studio
Blind Writer: Kuba Sobek
Gifted Editor: Adam Kubrakiewicz
Deaf Gameplays' Recorders: CinematicVR
Additional Gameplays: Adam Kubrakiewicz
Motion Graphics: Kuba Sobek
Music: Agnieszka Wlazły (Punk Notion)
Sound Design: Radikal Studio & Punk Notion
VO: Peter Baker
Proof Reader: Piotrek Kamiński